About Petro Edman Company (Private J.S)


PETRO EDMAN was established in 2004 to supply machineries, tools, equipment and to provide services to Iranian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industry. Over the years we have built a reputation of being a supplier of high quality products to reduce project’s costs, improve safety and efficiency as well as finding customer solutions to complex problems. Our customers can use with the assurance that they will always meet or exceed their expectations. It is important to work closely with our customers to develop a relationship based on trust and cooperation. We are supported by many years of experience, trained professionals. We are is also authorized sales and service representative for world renowned manufacturers.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products and services in the industry.


Our Beliefs & Principles

• Service providing to customers promptly & professionally.

• Provide high quality products from reliable sources.

• Provide competitive prices.

• Saving time and budget for our customers.

• Supporting our customers with practical solutions.

• Timely and accurate quotes, advices and information.

• Genuine concern for our customers’ well-being and success.

• Cooperation with our business partners long terms, Committed and based on mutual benefits.

• Taking individual responsibility enhances Teamwork.


Our Vision

To be recognized by our customers as the most efficient and venerable provider of demanding contract drilling equipment & services.


Our Mission

Pursuing satisfaction of our clients, we tackle each challenge with safe, reliable and innovative solutions. “We entrust our competent to provide sustainable development for our company and for the communities where we operate".


Our Values

Commitment to Health & Safety, Openness, Flexibility, Integration, Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Competitiveness, Teamwork, Internationalization, Responsibility.


Management Team

As vision, we want to create an environment in which different cultures can interact in a positive way to create a competitive advantages.


Financial Discipline

Our decisions will be made to ensure long-term growth for the benefit of employees, customers and shareholders.


Integrity & Honesty

Our actions will be conducted following the highest standard of ethics, honesty and personal integrity. This will foster and maintain trust and confidence of our employees, customers and business partners.


Respect for Customers, Competitors & Business Partners

Our employees will be developed and motivated to meet the challenges ahead. Individuality and diversity will be valued and performance recognized. We will provide our customers with unsurpassed value-added service. Our relationship with customer will reflect respect, understanding and sound business practice.



Personal safety and employee health is our greatest responsibility, followed by the protection of our environment and company property.


Technical Leadership

Our competitive advantage is based on continually improving our processes and finding innovative solutions to the technical challenges in meeting the needs of our customers.

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